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Whoa! It's already 2017 and half of January is already gone! Time flies super fast huh? So my New Year Resolution is to be more positive and productive! I'm planning to do more art projects until March with :iconamyguardia:. Hopefully by April, I will hear the result of my job interview by the government! Aaaa! Please let me land the job. ;w;

So, to make myself more motivated (and occupied), I'm going to write down my art project for January/February 2017 and the progress status of it along the way:-

:star: JANUARY :star:

1) Sticker set(s)= STATUS: COMPLETE! - I did two sticker sets! Whoooo! <3
I was inspired by :iconamyguardia:'s galaxy alpaca watercolour that she showed me and decided to make a galaxy sticker set!

2) Name card = STATUS: 0%

I have never done a name card before. I'm planning to make one in case I managed to get an art booth at an anime con this year. Aaaaaa! I want to sell stuff again at an art booth. ;w;

3) A picture for my favourite actor = STATUS: 5% !!Deadline 20th January!!

Heeeeee! Secret project. <3

4) Mini Original Comic = STATUS: STATUS: 3% - I did a four page sketch/layout already.

I'm thinking of doing a 10 (or maybe 15?) page mini comic. Planning to maybe sell them as well? We shall see.

5) Complete my Etsy shop =  STATUS: 90%

This is a tough one! I've already signed up with Etsy but I still need spruce it up a bit before officially opening it and advertising it to you all. :D Check out my shop here:-…

:star: FEBRUARY :star:

1) A drawing per day challenge= STATUS: 0%

So far, that's all I got for now. I hope AmyGuardia and I can get a booth at an anime con this year since we failed to get one last year. So sad. ;w; Here's to a better year to everyone! Hope all your new year resolutions come to fruition. Also, thanks to all my dA watchers and friends for sticking around with me through all these years! You guys are awesome. :hug:

On another note, WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH SHERLOCK SEASON 4?!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (If anyone wants to discuss ((ok let's be honest here, it's more of RANTING)) about season 4 with me please do not hesitate to do so).

----------CASH COMMISSION:  OPEN----------

Star!Star!SLOTS OPEN- FOUR (First come, first serve! Just send me a dA Note about your commision!)Star!Star!

1) :iconjksmwla: STATUS: 0%



1) Normal sketch: 6USD <Waist-up>

- add extra character(s) (max3): Add 2USD per character
- with background: Add 2USD or depends on complexity


2) Normal sketch: 8USD <Full body>

- add extra character(s) (max 3): Add 4USD per character
- with background: Add 2USD or depends on complexity


3) I may charge extra for:

- complicated tattoos/backgrounds/details
- heavily detailed armours

Star! I WILL DRAW Star!

- Original Characters (References are preferable)
- Fan Arts (Preferably one's that I am familiar with)
- Fluff
- Mild Boy's Love/Shonen Ai
- Mild gore/violence/blood


- Original characters and characters from a fandom being in a romantic situation.
- Weird crossovers.
- Animals and mythical creatures.
- Original characters without enough details or descriptions.
- Nudity/Incest/Lolicon/Yaoi/Yuri
- Very complicated backgrounds that are beyond my ability.
- Muscled man/woman


1) I might decline certain commissions that I find myself unable or uncomfortable to draw but I am willing to discuss alternate ideas with you.

2) The completion of a commission usually takes me ONE to THREE months. (SO PLEASE TAKE NOTE!). Yes, you can send me notes on dA to inquire about the progress of your commission but please keep it reasonable alright? Life still needs me. >w<'

3) PAYMENTS WILL BE BY PAYPAL. I will give my Paypal e-mail through dA Note.
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Sorry!!! I randomly read Your Journal post and get a feeling of hugging You...

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Thanks.... a hug is always nice.
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Lots of people have already recommended me to read it. I've tried reading the first chapter but I just couldn't get pass it. I guess it wasn't for me. Sorry. XP
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Nah I was the same, reading the first couple of acts was HARD. So boring... but it does get better. I found watching the youtube version much better and easier to be sucked into the fandom. I'd totally recommend at least watching the videos.…
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Really? Kay. I'll give it a watch once I'm free. :P
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Your Batman and Robin strips are adorable! :aww:
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