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July 27, 2010
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Yea rite by BrokenDeathAngel Yea rite by BrokenDeathAngel
So imagine.....

In the future, the world is threatened by evil forces of epic proportion. Both the Xiaolin Dragons and Heylins have to work together to maintain the balance of good and evil and restore peace on earth. And, what's this? Jack Spicer refuses to help them?!

Yeah...I know sounds super clinched. Can't help it. This plotline seems to be stuck in my head since last week.

So, I decided to draw AUFuture!Jack Spicer. He's around 18-19 years old in this picture. And in my head, he quit the magical world of Shen Gong Wu hunting around 14 years old after he had experienced a traumatic Shen Gong Wu event aside from the persistent failures and ridicules. He decided to become an engineer in the robotics field, helping his dad's business company and later, creating his own company in secret. He maintains a low profile and tries be a "normal" person. He became a bit bitter and aloof in the future.

"Jack Spicer, the Renown-Robotics-Engineer-the-Ex-Punching-Bag-of-The-Xiaolins-and-Heylins, help the Xiaolins and Heylins LOSERS?! HELL NO!"

Ohhh.....the right drawing is AUFuture!Good!Jack. Don't like how I drew him though. Mehhh......

Okay! End drivel.

P.s: LOOK AT ME!!!!!!! I'm procrastinating!! WHEEEEEEEE~~! XD
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silverwing47 Oct 24, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Please continue it would be cool to make a comic out of this.
I want a fanfic for this aksjhdfkjasdf
The "good" Jack looks more like the kind of guy in school to play you heart with his good looks!
crazedbabe2 Mar 10, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
love it u should draw more like this
FrostedEmber Jan 18, 2013
I don't know why, but his blue uniform thing reminds me of FMA...
Bri-and-Ky Dec 23, 2012  Student General Artist
needs to be a fanfic !! like right now it would so awesome
,,,this needs to be made into a! DX
CarrisaTigera Jul 30, 2012  Student Writer HOT!!! :faint:
I can imagine how this would go down if the Xiaolin Monks approached Jack once they found him:

Omi: JACK SPICUH WE REQUIRE YOUR ASSISTANCE! *gets hit with a metal object*

Kimiko: What was that for!?

Jack: One of the best ways to say "Go away."

Raimundo: Man what is your problem?

Jack: Annnd you're still here.

Clay: Spicer we do need your help. We can't fight insert evil name here alone.

Jack: Why should I help you Xiaolin Losers? If I recall correctly, you thought I was a useless cockroach.

Raimundo: Yeesh, you're still mad about that?

Jack: Icy glare

Sorry, I couldn't help it...^^;
Someone's cranky. I would be too if past tormentors came to me for help
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